RULES OF PLAY – Conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the Royal and Ancient Golf (R&A Rules Limited) and the Local Rules of ACCI.

The Tournament is a 36- hole MODIFIED STABLEFORD competition among teams of two individuals, composed of an ACCI Member and his or her guest.

HANDICAP RULE – Only Handicap Index cards coming from WORLD HANDICAPPING SYSTEM (WHS) of the Philippines shall be accepted.  Foreign participants may submit any USGA recognized Handicap Index.

ACCI Members shall use his or her  December 16, 2022, Handicap Index. If the ACCI  Member has no established handicap index, he or she may use his/ her lowest  December 16,  2022 Handicap index from other golf clubs where appropriate.  If he or she has none, he or she will play with a zero (0) handicap.

A guest shall use his or her lowest UNHS handicap index for December 16, 2022.  If a player cannot submit a handicap index, he/she shall play with a zero (0) handicap unless the Committee determines that the guest may have a plus (+) handicap. The maximum allowed handicap index for male guest is 15.9 or an equivalent of 18 at ACCI.

All female participants shall be given a handicap adjustment of their blue tee handicap as stipulated under RULE 6.2b in the USGA Handicap Manual. The maximum handicap for a female guest is 24.


HOLE IN ONE – In the event that there is more than one winner for a particular hole, the winners will share the prize in a manner agreed upon by the winners.  Winners shall be responsible for all applicable taxes.

MULLIGAN RULES – It is MANDATORY for all players to purchase two (2) mulligans for Php 500.00 each 18 holes. These mulligans may be used anywhere on the course except on the putting green. When mulligans are to be used to re-playing. The ball must be placeds at the same spot or area where the last shot was played. The previous shot must be abandoned and the mulligan ball will now be in play. MULLIGANS are not eligible to win any of the HOLE-IN-ONE prizes.

PACE OF PLAY & CADDIES – Marshals and Rules Officials will monitor and control the pace of play, players are obliged to cooperate. Caddies Fees are to be paid directly to the Caddie immediately after the round. Minimum CADDIES FEE is set at Php 800.00 per round.


The field will be divided into four (4) classes – A, B, C, and D.  The ACCI member’s handicap will determine the team’s classification.

Tee-off will be a shotgun start at 6:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. for the morning and afternoon groups respectively.


 The team with the highest number of points after 36 holes shall be declared the Overall Team Champion and will have their names engraved on the permanent Mango Tee Invitational Tournament trophy.

In case of a tie: If the tying teams have the same total Stableford score for the second day, last nine holes, last six holes, last three holes and finally the 36th hole.

Each class shall have Team Champions and Runners-up, with individual trophies. Trophies will be given to members of the team with the highest gross points for the Overall Team Gross Champion.

Trophies shall also be given to members of the team with the highest gross points for the Overall Team Gross Champions.


A nightly raffle will be held from Monday, January 30 until Friday, February 3. All playing participants are entitled to join the nightly raffle on their official playing days. Physical presence is required to be eligible to win any of the raffle items.

All playing participants are entitled to join the nightly raffle on their official playing days. Physical presence is required to be eligible to win major raffle items.

Nightly cocktails will be held at the Main Ballroom for the day’s playing participants starting at 6:00 PM.

All Taxes on taxable raffle and hole-in-one prizes shall be for the account of winners.

Minor prizes have been pre-drawn and may be collected as players register during the Awards Night. These may also be collected after the Awarding .


Complimentary lunch will be served to the day’s playing participants at the Golfers’ Veranda from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Please present your Lunch Stub.

Complimentary snacks will be available at the Registration.


Awards Night is at the Vernanda Lawn. Program starts at 6:00 PM on February 4.

Includes buffet dinner and a chance to win a A Nissan Kicks, an MG ZS Alpha, P2-million worth of major raffle prizes, and P1-million cash in the Cash Bonanza.


Medical Assistance  ( 0917 528 2287 ) ( 0929 964 4739 )

Marshal  ( 0947 998 4704 ) ( 0909 510 8416 )

Rules Official  ( 0920 961 5619 )

Tournament Director ( 0944 855 4653 )