Clark Amateur Invitational Golf Tournament

Tournament Conditions of Play

Game Procedure: Modified Scramble Team Play

1. Team Composition:

  1. Each team will consist of three players, with the composition open to men, ladies, or seniors. Teams may mix genders and age groups as desired.

2. Tees:

  1. Ladies -Red, Men-Blue, Senior (born 1959 or earlier) -White

3. Tee Shot:

  1. All three team members will tee off on every hole, ensuring equal participation from each player.

4. Ball Selection:

  1. Following tee shots, the team will collaboratively select the best-positioned golf ball for the subsequent shots.
  2. Once the best ball is chosen, the player who hit that ball will not participate in the next shot.

5. Shot Execution:

  1. Only two players from the team are permitted to hit the chosen ball on each shot until it is holed out.

6. Continuation:

  1. This procedure of selecting the best ball and hitting with two players will continue until the ball is successfully holed out.

7. Scoring:

  1. Team scores will be determined by the total number of strokes taken to complete the round using this modified scramble format. The scoring system will be “Peoria”, due to the unavailability of WHS indices.

8. Etiquette and Fair Play:

  1. Players are expected to adhere to the rules of golf and exhibit sportsmanship throughout the tournament.
  2. Honesty and integrity in scoring are paramount to maintaining the integrity of the competition.

9. Rules and Regulations:

  1. The Rules of Golf as set forth by the governing body shall apply, with any modifications or local rules specified by the tournament organizers.

10. Officials and Dispute Resolution:

  1. Tournament officials will be present to interpret rules, resolve disputes, and ensure fair play.
  2. Any disagreements or rule clarifications should be promptly brought to the attention of the officials for resolution.

11. Prizes and Awards:

  1. Three (3) division winners.
    (Division I, Division II, and Division III)

    1. Division Champion
    2. Division 1st Runner-up
    3. Division 2nd Runner-up
    4. Overall Gross Champion
    5. Overall Net Champion

12. Safety and Course Courtesy:

  1. Players must prioritize safety on the course and demonstrate courtesy towards fellow competitors, course staff, and spectators.

13. Weather Policy:

  1. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee reserves the right to modify the schedule or course conditions as necessary for the safety and enjoyment of all participants.

By implementing this game procedure, the tournament aims to provide an engaging and competitive experience for all participants while promoting teamwork and strategic decision-making on the course.

Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM AELKONTEAM BCycles & Brew
16:45:00 AMPlayer 1: Andy DoriaPlayer 1:Abe Tayag
  Player 2: Gio RobesPlayer 2:Marvin Manalang
  Player 3: Vini RobesPlayer 3:Alan Galang
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ATeam Double ParTEAM BZion
26:53Player 1: Milbert OliverosPlayer 1:Jumbo Tayag
  Player 2: Albert TeoxonPlayer 2:Francis Talion
  Player 3: Mon IlaganPlayer 3:Bodie Zamora
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM AWarrios 2TEAM BETC Team
37:01Player 1: Nelson OngPlayer 1: Conrad Layug
  Player 2: Estong FloresPlayer 2: Elmer Ramos
  Player 3: Luis SarondoPlayer 3: Tim Cagadas
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM AWarrios 3TEAM BTeam AutoHub
47:09Player 1: Doc CollantesPlayer 1: Romy Chong
  Player 2: Luis  BalingbingPlayer 2: Ralph Chong
  Player 3: Rodolpo BautistaPlayer 3: Arlan Vergara
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ATeam JEMTEAM BMotters
57:17Player 1: Tito ManaloPlayer 1: Eric Illescas
  Player 2: Mark Vincent ManaloPlayer 2: Randy Reyla
  Player 3: Arnel PadillaPlayer 3: Romeo Robles
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM AT2 Hole 1TEAM BTeam Jetour
67:25Player 1: Joel ManalangPlayer 1: Lito Jose
  Player 2: Paul ParungaoPlayer 2: Miguel Marie Jose
  Player 3: Rey MatiasPlayer 3: Miguel Calilung
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM AT2 Hole 2TEAM BFore Play Team
77:33Player 1: George EstradaPlayer 1: Monet Garcia
  Player 2: Rommel MarianoPlayer 2: Dodie Puno
  Player 3: Raymond PalmonaresPlayer 3: Oland Cuarto
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ATeam TTTEAM BEdge Gallery
87:41Player 1: RVR / Rodel M.Player 1: Marla Mae Carilaga
  Player 2: Jeff GoPlayer 2: Jessica Pascual
  Player 3: Dennis TePlayer 3: Dina Eden
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ASugod BahayTEAM BTanseco Brothers
97:41Player 1: Raffy HereraPlayer 1: Toffee Tanseco
  Player 2: Paolo MendozaPlayer 2: Patrick Tanseco
  Player 3: Ryan GillegoPlayer 3: Enteng Tanseco/Tito Tanseco
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ARegar/Aina HomesTEAM BEven Par Builders
107:41Player 1: Jun ApalisokPlayer 1: Rene Cuerpo
  Player 2: Cezar CalmaPlayer 2: Abet Dela Cruz
  Player 3: Mer RodriguezPlayer 3: Denny Escares
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ATeam AnnikaTEAM BAHE Girls
118:05:00 AMPlayer 1: Annika CruzPlayer 1: Chiqui Cruz
  Player 2: Alex RaymundoPlayer 2: Idang Arellano
  Player 3: Ana QuintosPlayer 3: Carol Bunagan
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ATeam SM PrimeTEAM BDagupan 1
128:13Player 1: Chito CruzPlayer 1: Eric Acuña
  Player 2: Jeff LimPlayer 2: Ramsey Sudaypan
  Player 3: Jun TanPlayer 3: Arthur Andrey
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ADagupan 2TEAM BCWC
138:21Player 1: Rommy RobesPlayer 1: Stef Yuson
  Player 2: Jesie MendozaPlayer 2: Fred Yuson
  Player 3: Oj NolascoPlayer 3: Beng Ang
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM ARirch BuildTEAM BPar No Good
148:29Player 1: Richie BrijiugaPlayer 1: Ed Serapio
  Player 2: Jean RoblesPlayer 2: Letlet Zarcal
  Player 3: Reymer PerezPlayer 3: Nicole Serapio
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM APata TeamTEAM BQuadstruct-tree-house team
158:37Player 1: Joaquin CruzPlayer 1: Billy de Leon
  Player 2: Jopet CruzPlayer 2: Conrad Belisario
  Player 3: Lanz AlmedaPlayer 3: Robert Niebres
Flight NumberTee TimeTEAM AYum Yum BoysTEAM BWarrios 1
168:45Player 1: Sonny GoPlayer 1: Manny Gutierez
  Player 2: Jig NicdaoPlayer 2: Gene Lomboy
  Player 3: Victor Ang/ Pablo SoonPlayer 3: Lito Arcega