Golden Tee Tournament Rules

1. Rules of Play

Play shall be governed by the Rules of Golf of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, and where applicable, by the following tournament rules in conjunction with the local rules of Manila Golf and Country Club (” MGCC ” or the ” Club “). The interpretation of these Rules, as well as any and all decisions and / or rulings made by the Tournament Committee pursuant hereto, shall be final and executory.

2. Manner of Play

The format of competition for both days shall be the 4-Ball Stableford, using points pursuant to Rule 13 hereof. All players will play their own ball for the entire round for two days of competition. The team score will be comprised of 3 parts: (a) the total stableford points based on net score if the member – player; (b) the total stableford points based on net score of the guest – players; and (c) The total stableford points of the better ball based on net for each hole of the team. The ” Gimme ” Putt rule shall apply. However, players may choose to hole out without penalty. At the end of the competition, the team with the highest aggregate number of Stableford points will be declared the champion, and the next highest as 1st runner up and so on.

3. Participants

The Golden Tee is a member and guest tournament. A participating team shall consist of a Manila Golf Club member and his or her guest. Male or Female guests may be invited to participate in the tournament, provided that the invited guest is a bonafide dues-paying member of another golf club and must be 21 years old or older and must have a recognized handicap as stated in Rule #12 hereof. Spouses and dependents of MGCC and any other golf clubs do not qualify as participants and guests, respectively, in the Golden Tee. In the case of MGCC member spouse may join as a guest of another MGCC member. Guests coming from the United States and other countries must have a club certification of their membership and status of handicap index duly signed by the Secretary or the General Manager of their respective clubs and should include contact information for verification such as telephone numbers, FAX numbers or email address.

4. Team Certification

The field shall be divided into 3 divisions according to and based on the handicap of the MGCC member only. The top 1/3 of the field who have the lowest handicap shall be in Division I, the middle 1/3 shall be in Division II and the last 1/3 or the highest handicap in the field shall be in Division III.

5. Pairings and Starting Times

Flights shall be drawn by lottery. However, players may indicate their preferred pairing for the first round, which the Tournament Committee will try to accommodate on a first-come, first-serve basis, up to the first forty (40) teams.

Each team shall play one round in the morning and one round in the afternoon, per the following combinations:


Tuesday Morning and Thursday Afternoon(Group I)
Tuesday Afternoon and Friday Morning(Group II)
Wednesday Morning and Friday Afternoon(Group III)
Wednesday Afternoon and Saturday Morning(Group IV)
Thursday Morning and Saturday Afternoon(Group V)


The Tournament Committee will accommodate requests for preferred days up to the first 40-teams in each group when possible, as stated above.

6. Registration

Participants must register at the official Registration Desk located at the designated area by the Tournament Committee one (1) hour before each round to claim the scorecard of the competing team which they will be marking.

7. Caddies and Umbrella Carriers

Caddies are expected to keep pace with the players at all times. Forecaddies will be assigned to particular locations to ensure that balls are properly tracked. The use of umbrella carriers is permitted but the player using an umbrella carrier will be responsible for any breach of the Rules of Golf that the umbrella carrier may commit. Umbrella carriers are not allowed to step on the putting greens nor are they allowed to drive the golf cart.

8. Shotgun Starts

The 52nd Golden Tee shall employ the Shotgun Start. Shuttle vehicles shall be provided to take the players to their assigned tee off holes. All participants are requested to board their transport vehicles thirty (30) minutes before their starting times. Starting times are 6:30 a.m. for the morning and 12:30 p.m. for the afternoon.

9. Late Players

Teams are requested to register at least an hour before their starting time. A player who is late is not disqualified. However, he/she will get zero points on the holes he/she failed to play, and he/she will be allowed to join his/her group on the tee of the next hole to be played. A player may play even without his partner.

10. Entry Fee

Entry fee is Php20,000.00 per team. This includes raffle tickets, giveaways, cocktail parties, two (2) free practice rounds for the guest partner on any of the designated practice days, and Awards Gala dinner on February 10, 2024.

11. Withdrawal

As stated in the 2024 Golden Tee Registration Form, any member who has signed up for the tournament and whose team does not appear for the event or fails to cancel on or before December 23, 2023 shall be charged the full entrance fee. Cancellation must be made in writing and submitted to the Club’s Membership office.

12. Handicaps

Member:Handicaps for members will be computed from their last three (3) months average handicaps and the average of their scores from the last five (5) years of the Golden Tee. The lowest handicap shall prevail.
Guests:Guests shall have either an official Unified National Handicapping System or other submitted certified handicap index that is acceptable to the Tournament Committee. The maximum handicap (as adjusted to the MGCC slope rating) that can be given to any guest is 25 for men and 29 for ladies.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to determine and/ or change, at any time, before, during and after the competition, any of the participants’ handicaps, and such decision(s) shall be final and executory.

Names and unified official handicap index no. of the guests must be submitted not later than February 1, 2024. Any violation of these requirements will subject the guests to a zero (0) handicap or lower as the Committee may determine.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: In order to maintain the integrity of the event, members are requested to avoid inviting guests with an undermined handicap index. GUESTS WITH UNDETERMINED OR UNCERTIFIED HANDICAP INDEX WILL PLAY TO A ZERO (0) or lower HANDICAP as the committee may determine.

In addition, the following rules shall apply:

If a member with a provisional handicap index in MGCC has a permanent handicap index in another club, he/she shall use either his/her provisional handicap index less two (2), or his regular handicap index in the other club less two (2), whichever is lower.

If a member has two (2) regular handicap indexes, one in MGCC and one in another club, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to inquire into the two (2) handicap index and select the appropriate handicap index for the 52nd Golden Tee.

Aguest player with more than one handicap index must submit not only his/her January 1, 2024 handicap index but also his lowest handicap index at any club where he is a member of during the twelve (12) months ( from January 2023 to January 2024 ) prior to the registration for the 2024 Golden Tee. The team may be disqualified in the event that the handicap index submitted by the guest is found to be higher than his actual handicap index ( Rule #6 ).

13. Stableford Points

The following Stableford points corresponding to the players’ net scores as follows:

Players net scorePoints
Double Eagle5
Triple Eagle6

A hole-in-one, regardless of handicap, is worth 5points. The team with the highest number of Stableford points after 36 holes shall be declared the Overall Team Champion.

14. Slow Play ( Undue Delay Rule 6-7 )

In the interest of all participants, players have the obligation to play at a reasonable pace. In a shotgun start, slow play of any one group will drastically affect the pace of all other groups.

Player in flights that are moving slower than the rest of the field will be warned accordingly and requested to pick up the pace of play by the Marshall. If after one hole, the gap has not been reasonably closed or the pace improved, all players of the concerned flight shall be put on the clock wherein each player will have one (1) minute to make his/her shot when it is his/her turn to play. The concerned players shall be given a maximum of two (2) holes to catch up. Thereafter, should the slow play continue, the team responsible for such slow play will be meted a team penalty wherein two (2) points shall be deducted from the team’s total score.

To ensure that play is kept at a reasonable pace, refreshments for participants will be available at convenient locations by tee no. 1 and tee no. 10. There will be no service on the Veranda. Caddies who are caddying in the morning and afternoon will also be provided with refreshments

15. Mandatory Pick-Up

A player who is playing his next stroke for a double par must pick up his/her ball and stop play on that hole in the interest of fast play, otherwise, two (2) points shall be deducted for causing delay from the concerned player’s team points for the day.

If a player has no more chance to make a point on the hole, he/ she must pick up his ball and stop play for that hole. He/She shall score zero (0) points for the hole and his score card on that hole must be marked by the competitor team (flight mate) with an “X” to indicate a pick-up.

16. " Gimme Putts "

A ball lying within eighteen (18) inches of the hole will be considered holed out on the next stroke. A tape marker shall be placed on each player’s putter by the Tournament Committee to indicate the “gimme” distance of eighteen (18) inches. Gimme” rules shall play to all participants including those competing for low gross.

17. Scoring

Each team shall serve as “marker” for the other team in their flight (competing team). THE MARKER SHALL RECORD THE GROSS SCORES OF THE PLAYERS (points will be computed by the members of the Tournament Committee – Scoring group). Only the players shall keep score. CADDIES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP SCORE. All flights must report their scores every three (3) holes at scoring tables set up for this purpose. Each player must sign his/her scorecard to attest to the correctness of their individual scores, the score card must likewise be countersigned by the competing player who marked the same. Scorecards must be submitted within 30 minutes after the game. Players shall be responsible for their own scorecards. BREACH OF THE STATED RULES WITHOUT ANY VALID REASON AS DETERMINED BY THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE SHALL RESULT TO DISQUALIFICATION FOR BOTH PLAYERS, SPECIFICALLY THE OWNER OF THE SCORECARD AND THE COMPETING PLAYER WHO SCORED THE SAME.

To avoid penalties, players are reminded to:

  1. Submit their scores every 3 holes.
  2. Check any doubtful points with the “maker” or the Committee before signing the card.
  3. Countersign the card.
  4. Drop the card in the boxes provided by the Tournament Committee – Scoring group.
  5. Once scorecards are dropped into the official boxes, NO player may retrieve his or her teams’ scorecards.
  6. Any questions on the rules, as well as any disputes which may arise in the course of the Tournament, must be brought to the attention of the Tournament Committee and/or the designated Rules Official.
  7. The decision of the Tournament Committee on any question on the rules of play or any dispute arising in the course of the Tournament shall be final and executory.

18. Ties

Ties shall be settled by matching the teams’ final-round scorecards as follows:

– the scores of the teams in the last 18 holes, or if still tied, the scores in the last nine holes (10-18); the last six holes (13-18); the last three holes (16-18); and the last hole (18).

If still tied, the tie shall be settled by drawing lots, as the Tournament Committee may determine.

19. Free practice rounds

Guests are entitled to two (2) practice rounds without paying green fees on any of the designated practice days starting on December 4, 2023 until February 5, 2024. Mondays are maintenance days and will therefore be subject to playing time on the specific 9’s when they are open only. Practice rounds are not allowed on weekends and holidays. Prior to playing, guests must register at the reception and collect their vouchers.

Guests who shall play and avail of the practice rounds may play even without their member- partner provided there is a MGCC member in their flight. In the event a member cancels his/ her participation in the tournament after his/her partner has availed of the free practice round, the member will be charged the appropriate green fee of Php7,000.00. Further, if a member changes his/her partner and avails of a practice round, the member will also be charged the appropriate green fee rates.

20. Giveaways

The 52nd Golden Tee giveaways may be collected from the Giveaways Reception area starting January 31, 2024. Members and guests are encouraged to redeem their giveaways early.

21. Prizes / Awards

Overall Team Champion
Overall Division Champion
Division ITeam Champion and Runner-up
Division IITeam Champion and Runner-up
Division IIITeam Champion and Runner-up
Low gross (PAL Points) Team (Champion and Runner-up)
Low gross (PAL Points) Individual (Champion and Runner-up)
Day 1 Overall Low Net Team Champion
Day 2 Overall Low Net Team Champion

22. Hole-in-one Prizes

Hole-in-one prizes on designated hole-in-one holes are given by the Tournament sponsors. Should two (2) or more players make a hole-in-one on the same hole, the corresponding prize will be shared equally by the concerned players. Unless otherwise specified, since the prizes are given by the sponsors, any applicable local or national tax on the prize shall be for the account of the winner/s of the hole-in-one prize.

23. Tournament Referee

A Tournament Referee or Rules Master shall be assigned on each day. Players are requested to secure the Rules Master’s mobile number which will be posted at the Registration Desk in order to consult with the Rules Master for any ruling needed.

24. Emergency

An emergency medical van is assigned for use during the entire Tournament. Players are requested to call the emergency mobile number/s in the event of any emergency situation.