OCTOBER 27-28, 2023



  1. Team will consist of 8 players.
  2. Each team member will play 2 days. Eight (8) players will represent their respective team on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Team points will be the total of the top 6 scores for each day.
  4. We will have 3 Divisions on the Men’s Regular; CHAMPIONSHIP, FOUNDER and FRIENDSHIP.
  5. We will have 2 Divisions on the Men’s Senior; CHAMPIONSHIP and FRIENDSHIP.
  6. The committee has the final decision as to which division the team(s) will play on.
  7. Teams must have a minimum of six (6) players on their daily roster. If they have less than six (6), the team is disqualified for the day.
  8. Only the team captain from each team will register for their respective teams.
  9. All team member must be at the course 30 minutes before the shotgun start, if a team member is not at the course 15 minutes before the shotgun start he is deemed ineligible and thus Disqualified for the day. The player can still play but, his score will not count.



  1. One (1) player from each team will play with three (3) other players from three different teams.



  1. Format will be STABLEFORD
  2. If a team has 3 or more low handicap players, the team will play in the Lower Division (see handicapping below).
  3. Points are accumulated based on the players GROSS SCORE on each hole.

    Double Bogey or Higher - 0 point
    Bogey - 1 point
    Par - 2 points
    Birdie - 3 points
    Eagle - 4 points
    Albatross - 5 points

  4. In case of a tie, it will be a card off;
    1. Team points on Saturday then Friday (for INDIVIDUAL – Sat then Fri score)
    2. Based on the highest score that qualified (Friday then Saturday)
    3. Based on the 2nd highest score that qualified (Saturday then Friday)



  1. Each player must have a verifiable handicap.
  2. Players without handicap must play with 0 HANDICAP until they establish their FIP (Filam Interclub Points) – 1 year.
  3. Regular Handicaps; Championship (0 to 8), Founder (9 to 15), Friendship (16 and UP).
  4. Senior Handicaps; Championship (0 to 10) Friendship (11 and UP).
  5. Higher handicap teams have the option to join the lower division.
  6. Teams can have a maximum of (2) low handicap players on their team provided that player is playing on the division closest to where he should be playing.
  7. The tournament committee will have the final decision on handicaps, disputes and disagreements.



  1. USGA rules apply. In case there is a local rule, local rule applies.
  2. Each player must putt out unless, a player is putting for double bogey in which case the player needs to pick up his ball. A two (2) stroke penalty will be assessed for teams in violation of this rule.
  3. Each player on the same cart will score for the other players on the other cart in their flight. Make sure to verify your scores before signing. Once the score card is submitted, no changes will be done.
  4. If you don’t have a complete score you are automatically DQ.
  5. ELIGIBILITY for SENIOR DIVISION – Players must be 55 years old or older.
  6. We will be using 2 courses, Siena and Arroyo and will have a shotgun start at 8:00 am both days. We will have at least 100 on each course and a maximum of 144. The regular championship, senior championship and maybe founder’s division will use Siena on Friday and Arroyo on Saturday, the rest will use Arroyo on Friday and Siena on Saturday.
  7. In order to speed up the play, there will be a Marshall on the course. The first time you are out of play (lagging behind the group in front) you will get a warning. The 2nd time you’re out of play the Marshall will tell your group to pick up and your group will get an X on that hole.



  1. Cost to join is $325 per player.
  2. Team registration fee is $200.
  3. Full Payment is due August 25, 2023.
  4. Includes; green fee, cart, range balls, dinner, giveaway, raffle, trophy and medals.
  5. A Team trophy and Medals for each team for 1st place and 2nd place winner.
  6. Individual Trophy/Plaque for each division.
  7. Please contact Jayar Brillantes for more info – email at



  1. Championship Team bet of $200/player ($1,600/team) for total team points (2 days).
  2. $100 per day skin buy in.
  3. Please contact Marc Dagupion for the Championship Division – 808-276-5790, email at
  4. Founders Team bet of $100/player ($800/team) for total points (2 days)
  5. Please contact for Founders Division– 818-602-9369 or
  6. Senior Championship Division bet $200/person ($1600/team) for total points (2 days)
  7. Please contact John Jones for the Senior Championship Division – 626-221-4444 or