The 25th Limestone Tee

Tournament Notice

April 25, 26, 27 & 28 (Thursday - Sunday)

  1. Maximum of 144 teams.
  2. Tournament fee shall be Php20,000 / team.
  3. Entry to the minor and major raffle, dinner buffet, cocktails and one (1) weekday complimentary practice round for guests.
  4. Guests of paid teams can avail their complimentary one weekday practice round starting April 1 up to April 30, 2024.
  5. Tournament slots will be reserved for teams that have paid half of the entry fee amounting of Php10,000.
  6. Cancellation should be made before April 1, 2024; otherwise, your tournament fee will be forfeited.

Manner of Play

The competition format for both days shall be the 4-Ball Stableford Points net of Handicap.

All players will play their own ball for the entire round for two days of competition. The team score will be comprised of 3 parts: (a) the total Stableford points based on net score of the member–player; (b) the total Stableford points based on net score of the guest – players; and(c) The total Stableford points of the better/best ball based on net for each hole of the team, will then be added to the member and guest aggregate net score. For example; net score of member is par = 2 points, net score of guest is bogey = 1 point, best ball/score is net par = 2 points, total points for the team on that hole is 5 points.

At the end of the competition, the team with the highest TOTAL (team aggregate + best ball/score for 2 playing days) number of Stableford points will be declared the champion, the next highest as 1st runner-up, and so on.

POINT/S: Stableford (net of handicap)



A MAXIMUM HANDICAP OF  25 FOR GUESTS AND  30 FOR MEMBERS. COMPETITORS ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT THEIR APRIL INDEXES UPON REGISTRATION. Due to NGAP WHS still being updated we will be using PGRS for handicap reference for this tournament. Competitors without a valid handicap index shall play to zero (0). The lowest index will be used for Guests with multiple memberships.

Your team division will be based on the Eastridge member’s course handicap.

The Tournament Committee has the right to review and adjust handicap indexes. Handicap violation will result to disqualification.


Regular Men’s Blue Tee
Seniors (55 yrs. And above)White Tee
LadiesRed Tee
Junior Golfers: 
(12 yrs. And under)Red Tee
(13-14 yrs.)White Tee
(15-17 yrs.) Blue Tee


There will be 6 Divisions:

  1. Division 1 -(0-8)
  2. Division 2-(9-16)
  3. Division 3 ( 17-24)
  4. Division 4 ( 25-30)
  5. Senior Division- 55 years old & above **
  6. Sponsor’s Division

**if less than 10 teams comprising of both Senior players register we will have a Division 5 instead of a Seniors division and adjustments for handicap bracket shall be done accordingly.


Team (20 winners)

  1. Overall Low Gross
  2. Overall Net
  3. Champion per Division
  4. 1st Runner-Up per Division
  5. 2nd Runner-Up per Division

Individual (13 winners)

  1. Overall Low Gross
  2. Gross Champion per Division
  3. Net Champion per Division


Over- All Competition – If tied after two rounds, total points on the last 18 holes. If still tied, total points on the last nine holes (10-18), last six holes (13-18), last three holes (16-18), 18th,17th

Shotgun Starts 8:30 AM Shotgun

First Round (Thursday & Friday-April 25 & 26, 2024)

Format: ( Team  Aggregate & Best Ball/Score)

Second Round (Saturday & Sunday – April 27 & 28, 2024)

Format: ( Team  Aggregate & Best Ball/Score)

**32 Sponsor slots are reserved for April 26&28, should there be more than 40 teams who intend to play on said dates, the Committee shall raffle off the 40 slots available live on March 30, 2024 Saturday at the Veranda, automatically those not chosen will have slots for April 25&27. Sign up now to save your slot!


Four Ball (Team Aggregate)

    A player who arrives late is not disqualified. The player receives zero (0) points on the hole/s that he/she failed to play. The Player will be allowed to start on the next hole in play based on the hole assignment or the following hole where his/her group is currently on. (Ex. Flight is currently playing their 4th hole, the late player will start play on hole 5)

Hole -In- One:

All Par 3’s will have a hole -in -one prize. In case of multiple winners, the prize shall be divided equally.


Mulligans for the tournament shall be mandatory. Mulligans may be used anywhere (e.g. 2 mulligans in one 9, in one hole, etc.) except on the putting surface.

Mulligans are not valid for hole-in-one prizes.

Local Rules:

Landscape areas and all rock formations are considered integral part of the course. The ball must be played as it lies or take an Unplayable Lie (rule 19.2a, 19.2b, 19.2c)

Abnormal course conditions, such as liners on the bunkers are subject to Free Relief (rule#16) Embedded ball on Bunker face/wall please see diagram on bulletin boards at the club house and tee houses.


  1. The Fourteen -Club Rule is in effect (4-4a)
  2. Scorecards shall be exchanged with fellow competitors on the first hole of play for both days (6-6a).
  3. Scorecards shall be completed, signed, attested, and returned to the scorer’s table(Rule 6-6b).
  4. To speed up play, please pick up when playing for net double or when ball is within gimme circle (21 inches).
  5. Doubt as to procedure: In stroke play, if a competitor is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole, he may without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. (Rule3- 3)
  6. Sprinkler heads, Irrigation controllers’ light poles, and French drains are immovable obstructions. “Free drop”.
  7. Rule changes for 2019 are in effect, except the MODEL LOCAL RULE E-5 which is the “Alternative to stroke & distance for lost ball or out of bounds”. Players cannot drop in the fairway if their ball is lost or deemed out of bounds. Players must play under Stroke& Distance from the closest position where they last hit, not nearer the hole.
  8. The use of distance measuring devices are allowed, provided that they measure distance only. Device that measure other conditions which might affect play (e.g. wind speed or slope of the ground) are not acceptable.
  9. Questions and disputes will be referred to the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final.
  10. There are designated drop areas/zones in Hole #8, #13, #15 should the ball come to rest on either a red or yellow penalty area. To speed up play for Hole #8 drop zone before hazard/creek, for Hole #13 use drop area near the Red tee, for Hole #15 there will be a drop area in the 150 yard zone ONLY for balls that enter left side Red penalty area after the 150 yard marker.

Tournament Referee: Mr. GJ Katigbak -09262976544

Emergency Medical Assistance – (Clinic)- Ms. Joy Merilos- 09171150736

Caddies Fee: Minimum P800.00

Schedule of Activities:

  1. Daily Putting Contest
  2. Cocktails on April 27, 2024 at 2:30 PM up to 7pm
  3. Awarding ceremonies. Only participants are allowed in the awards night on April 28, 2024 , 3pm up to 7pm at the Veranda.
  4. Presence is required for minor and major tournament raffle.
  5. Presence is not required for the Grand raffle.
  6. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change / amend rules, pairings and all matters related to the tournament and its decision shall be final.