August 19-20,2023
Davao City

Schedule for Practice Round:

South Pacific Golf & Leisure Estates:

August 13-17, 2023 (Sunday-Thursday)

Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Sportsclub:

August 15-18, 2023 (Tuesday-Friday)



The 1st Recovery Championship Golf Tournament shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the local rules of Ranchos Palos Verdes Golf & Country Club and South Pacific Davao Golf.


2.1 A team consists of four (4) players and each player must be 18 years of age and above. A team member can be replaced not later than August 10, 2023.  After August 10, 2023, a team ember can be replaced under the following conditions: (a) the replacement must have an index not LOWER than the member being replaced and (b) the team classification will remain.

2.2 Each team must have a Team Captain who will represent the team in all dealings with the Tournament Committee.

2.3 Current Professional Golfers, whether Touring or Teaching Professionals, and current or former caddies are not allowed to play in the tournament. Former professional golfers are allowed as long as they have reinstated their amateur status by NGAP.

2.4 The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reject the application of any team or any member of a team seeking entry into the 1st Recovery Championship.


3.1 A 36-hole Stroke Play, Modified Stableford (Molave) Team Competition played over two(2) consecutive days and simultaneously on two (2) golf courses: i.e., at Ranchos Palos Verdes Golf & Country Club and South Pacific Davao Golf.

3.2 Teams shall be classified into four (4) divisions based on the Team Handicap Index Average, that is, the average of the lowest three (3) WHS Indices as of May 01, 2023 of the members of the team. Those without WHS or US GHIN will be given zero (0) index. Those with WHS or US GHIN but without handicap index on May 01, 2023 will be given 70% of their current handicap index.

3.3 The team divisions are:  Division A, Division B, Division C, and Division D.

3.4 The player’s gross scores shall be converted to the following points:

(a) Triple Boget or worse = 0
(b) Double bogey = 1
(c) Bogey = 2
(d) Par = 3
(e) Birdie = 4
(f) Eagle = 5
(g) Hole-in-One = 6
(h) Double Eagle = 7

3.5 The team scoring the highest number of points in a division, after 2 days of play, shall be declared the winner in that division.

3.6 The Tournament Committee reserves the right to review the submitted handicap indices and to adjust the same should it be determined that the handicap index does not truly reflect the player’s golfing skills.


4.1 Teams will be ranked according to their team’s handicap average and grouped   according to the following distribution:

Division A: Top 10 Teams + Teams within 1 team handicap average of the 10th ranked Team,
Division B: Next 20 Teams + Teams within 1 team handicap average of the 30th ranked Team,
Division C: Next 25 Teams + Teams within 1 team handicap average of the 35th ranked Team, and
Division D: Rest of the Teams.

4.2 The Tournament Committee has the discretion to change the format of team distribution in the best interest of the Tournament.


The Tournament Committee will not entertain any request for tee times or playing dates.


A player is late to tee if he/she is not on the tee, ready to play, when the starter calls the first player in his/her flight to tee. The concerned player will have no score in that hole, but will be allowed to join his/her group on the next hole.


To promote faster play, a player who no longer has any chance to score a point on a hole must discontinue play of that hole. Any violation of this rule will merit a 2-point deduction on the team score for every infraction.


8.1 Each player will be assigned a marker in the same flight to record his/her score. It is highly recommended for the marker to verify with the player he/she is scoring the player’s score after each and every hole.

8.2 The marker shall record the GROSS SCORE of the player and mark the pick-ups with an “X”. If a score of more than double bogey is recorded on a player’s scorecard his team will merit a 2-point deduction for every infraction.

8.3 A player should immediately retrieve his/her scorecard from the marker immediately after leaving the putting green of their last hole; check his/her scorecard and make sure that the scores are legibly written; settle any doubts with the marker and/or the Tournament Committee before signing the scorecard; ensure that the marker has signed his/her scorecard and submit the scorecard to the Tournament Committee before any member of any flight following them has submitted their scorecards, or within fifteen (15) minutes of holing out if they are the last flight in the morning or afternoon set.

8.4 Scores not legibly written will be interpreted by the Tournament Committee at its sole discretion.


Trophies will be awarded to the Champion, First Runner-Up and Second Runner-up of each Division.

10. TIES

Ties in the team competition shall be settled on the basis of:  (a) the lowest score of a member in a team on the final day; then by (b) total team points of the last 27 holes, then by (c) the total team points of the first 18 holes, then by (d) the total team points of the last 9 holes, then by (e) drawing of lots.


Multiple winners on a designated prize for a hole will share the prize equally. All applicable taxes shall be shouldered by the winner/s.


The competition shall be deemed closed after the Championship Trophy of the division concerned has been awarded to the winner.